Superfood Puppies Kibble (with Salmon)
Superfood Puppies Kibble (with Salmon)

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Superfood Puppies Kibble (with Salmon)

Ensure healthy growth right from the first steps

  • Delicious and guaranteed taste
  • Scottish salmon for human use
  • Health guaranteed from the first steps
  • Stimulates brain functions
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Superfood Puppies Kibble (with Salmon)

Regular price €29,99
Regular price Sale price €29,99

The SUPERFOOD PUPPY line is the right food for those who want to start with 100% strength and 100% taste! The ideal food for those who want strong bones, healthy metabolism and 100% cognitive abilities.

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Invest in your puppy's wellbeing with our Scottish Salmon Superfood Kibble. This advanced formula is designed especially for puppies, offering a combination of essential nutrients for healthy growth and a life full of vitality. The prized Scottish salmon is a rich source of Omega-3, essential for the development of the brain and nervous system. The superfood formula includes ingredients like spinach, blueberries and flaxseed to provide additional antioxidants, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. The kibble is easily digestible and irresistible to the palate, making every meal a tasty experience for your puppy. Guarantee your little friend a solid and delicious nutritional base with Scottish Salmon Superfood Kibble for Puppies.


35% di Salmone scozzese cucinato al momento
Aneto, Spinaci, Finocchi, Asparagi, Pomodori (ciascuno equivalente al 4% di ingredienti freschi)
30% Salmone (altri ingredienti funzionali)
65% di Salmone in totale, suddiviso in:
35% di Salmone scozzese cucinato al momento
22% di Salmone Disidratato
5% di Olio di Salmone
3% di Salmone
Patate Dolci, Fagioli, Polpa di Barbabietola
Integratore di Omega 3
Miscela di Superfood Disidratata, compresi Aneto, Spinaci, Finocchi, Asparagi, Pomodori
Minerali, Fruttooligosaccaridi (FOS 192 mg/kg)
Glucosamina (170 mg/kg)
Metilsulfonilmetano (170 mg/kg)
Condroitina solfato (125 mg/kg)
Mannanoligosaccaridi (MOS 48 mg/kg)
Estratto di Olive (0.01%)

Componenti analitici del prodotto includono:

Proteine grezze: 33.5%
Grassi grezzi: 15%
Fibre grezze: 2.5%
Ceneri grezze: 8%
Umidità: 8%
NFE (Estratto non fibroso): 33%
Energia metabolizzabile: 382 kcal/100g
Acidi grassi omega-6: 1.2%
Acidi grassi omega-3: 2.6%
Calcio: 1.2%
Fosforo: 0.9%
Collagene: 3.5%​​.

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